Our Vision is to change the skyline of real estate in the ‘Right Direction’ and to create landmarks of exemplary quality and design that benchmark the highest standards of lifestyle and luxury. To carve a unique niche by crafting ‘green yet exclusive projects’, which will live up to the high standards set by our visionary craftsmanship and make the environment “ hale-and-hearty “ to live in. Through our projects we strive to build a better lifestyle for our customers by leveraging our core strengths - Lifestyle, Luxury and Location.


Our philosophy is to develop properties that are high quality in terms of their design, construction and environmental sustainability. Maahesh Mohan Group always makes an effort & constantly endeavours to enhance the quality of living, luxury and recreation to benchmarking levels.


Luxury can be defined as a consistently superior quality with an element of exclusivity. For an experience that will make you feel truly ‘special’, Maahesh Mohan Group has taken the concept of luxury to new heights. Every project delivered by the group sets a new benchmark, offering the global Indian a unique and elite lifestyle.


We believe our developments have also enhanced the location value of the areas. While selecting a new site for development, Maahesh Mohan Group takes into consideration several factors, including the connectivity of the area, its proximity to railway stations, highways, business hubs and airports, the infrastructural support, the view it affords and the potential for area development.


Our mission is to develop exemplary projects which are based on well-planned research and development processes, acute planning, time management in completion of the project and honest pricing methods.

We maintain a good relationship based on honesty, integrity, transparency and ethics with all the stakeholders of our organisation.

Within the organisation, we foster a friendly atmosphere and encourage every employee by going beyond the hierarchy level .We believe that our emphasis on employee development, coupled with our internal human resource initiatives, provide us with the skills required to adapt to the future needs of our business.

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